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BMM 03: Britten Memorial Museum and Library
Research - Study Weeks

Studying for an SNU course, a degree, writing a paper or furthering your general knowledge about Spiritualism and our history etc. ?

Your Research - study visit will be supported under the guidance of Musuem Curator and Librarian, Paul Gaunt. Students will have access to the important major Spiritualistic journals of the day, books and the Museum, where you can study and research aspects of our history.

Scans/Photocopies will be available on some material.

All those intending to book should contact Paul first to make sure any specialised subject material is available:


Meals and Accommodation Available if Required

Lunch 10, Dinner 12.50

Bed and Full English Breakfast is 90 per room per night for a room with with ensuite

Bed and Full English Breakfast is 70 per room per night for a basic room.

Alternatively, accomodation is available in Stansted Village, a list is available on request.