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Course 00B: A New Year, A New You

The New Year invites you to take stock of the year that has just come to pass, and also to look forward: to plan new goals, to start afresh, and to begin to better understand the different aspects of your spiritual nature and self. The process of self-development is essential for your mediumistic unfoldment, but is an equally important in helping you to lead a more satisfied, fuller and meaningful life.

The development of the medium is just as important as the development of the mediumship. Discovering for yourself the qualities and potentials of your soul will help you to build confidence and give you direction in your life, as it enables you to find an expression that is in harmony with what your soul is yearning for, whatever that expression may be. Moreover, by reflecting, understanding, and articulating the experiences that you have gone through, and the emotions that you feel, you can aid the process of self-healing, which inevitably leads to a deeper and richer mediumistic expression. The great mediums of the past and present have all spiritualised their mediumship: they understood that if they wanted to understand and express the emotions of another soul, they first had to understand and express their own. Become a part of that tradition by fostering an understanding of your own soul first, and allow yourself to become more comfortable in your own skin and expression, which will then pave the way for a deeper and richer relationship with the spirit world.

This course, however, is not just suitable for mediums. It is suitable for anybody who is seeking to lead a life that is more in harmony with their soul’s expression, and who are open to the process of self-discovery, self-reflection and self-healing: wanting to be more comfortable in their own skin, and are wanting to find the most natural expression of their soul so that they can enhance every aspect of their life.

In a safe and encouraging environment, through practical exercises, talks and discussion groups, we will provide you with the tools that can aide your journey of self-discovery. The team of tutors will encourage you to experience the reality of your own soul, to help you to discover its purpose, and to help you set attainable goals to work towards during the year. As the soul communicates with our conscious mind through the emotions, we will also help you to understand and articulate those emotions so that you can better understand yourself.

Let the New Year, and our team of tutors, inspire you to develop a New You.