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Course 02A: The Trance Medium

Trance Mediumship is a beautiful expressive form of communication which exemplifies the spirit world’s intelligence. Our focus this week is examining that "superior intelligence" in many ways. With the aid of the spirit world we will be working together and exploring the three areas of contact.

  • Trance Healing
  • Trance Speaking
  • Trance Communication

Be prepared to work in a supportive and constructive environment where the tutors will be guided to help you understand your relationship with the spirit team who work with you. During the course the teaching will be spirit led as opposed to tutor driven. This gives a different angle to the course content. The programme will comprise of group work, lectures, tutorials, all with plenty of opportunity to experience the closeness of the other world. Our objective this week is for everyone to have an open mind and not put obstacles, barriers or demands on the spirit people. Please join us with a thirst for guidance and willingness to listen to common sense teachings from tutors who have studied the stages of entrancement/trance. Let's break down the ridiculous thoughts which people think and believe trance is and look at the power and the presence which can manifest when the conditions are conducive.

How do we know we are experiencing a trance state? What are the stages? Does it matter if the medium "hears" what is said? Does the spirit power enter the body when in communication? Who is giving the information? These questions and many more will be highlighted in what promises to be a positive and beneficial learning experience for both sides of life.

Any form of trance mediumship has to be superior in presentation, if it isn't then it is an overactive imagination. Are you willing to allow your spirit friends to work with you more closely? Are you ready to take another step in the partnership of minds? If you are then this is the week for you.

If you have any questions on the course content email Matthew spiritus4u@aol.com