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Course 12: Mediumship - The New Generation

My work over 25 years as a teacher has been focused in encouraging and helping the next generation of mediums and teachers. It is important that the good mediums and teachers of today play their part in securing the future, passing the baton on in to safe hands in the voice of the spirit in mediumship, its development, teaching and the philosophy behind it.

This course is designed for all levels of students. You will be divided into small groups of 12 students for your group work depending on your level of experience and ability. This enables to give each student individual attention and feedback. Most days there will be 3 group sessions, meditation each morning, lecture and tutorial. We are also adding this year sessions in discussing and debating the philosophy of mediumship as there seems to be a lot of confusion in these subjects which often conflict.

Those students who are new or fairly new to mediumistic development will be given a clean strong sensible foundation which is very important, of course with care, encouragment and honesty. I see so many students confused because of the training they have received in the beginning and often in a mess with their mediumship.

For students who I would class as intermediate students, we will do our best to move you to the next level in your mediumship, to do that we may have to undo some of things you have been taught and are doing in your mediumship. For this level of students, it’s not the problem if they are receiving information from the spirit world, its often not understanding what they are receiving putting it together and presenting it, you will have to be prepared to try new ways, try new things and throw away maybe bad habits and some of the ways you normally work.

For those of you are advance students ,this week you will be expected to attempt to exceed your normal boundaries, we are looking to help and you wanting to reach for the standard of the highest level of mediumship that is possible. If you are looking for confidence in an advance group then it’s the wrong group or ego massaged. Your teachers this week are some of the finest mediums of today who can stand on a platform with any medium in the world, this is what we want you to aim for and reach. Those in the advance group will get an opportunity to demonstrate outside their group sessions and be assessed by one of the tutors. You must accept a strong but honest approach in our work with you.

Are you the future, have you got what it takes to be the next generation

Groups limited to 12 students.