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Course 15B: Above and Beyond

Are you already established in your connection with the spirit world but find yourself doubting your ability or your next step? Do you always feel you could have done better and you’re never satisfied that you’ve done enough for fear of going above and beyond the limitations of your own mind and confidence? If you’re already doing private sittings or demonstrating ‘publicly’ or at that stage that you want to take that next step to achieve that, then this course is for you!

This course is designed to help those of you already working with the spirit world to appreciate yourself and find the joy in your connections and all you do to represent them. Working hard together to understand that there are no limitations or boundaries apart from those that we put upon ourselves. Using many different exercises and techniques, we will endeavour to help you achieve what you feel has been beyond you until now. Just having that time to be with the spirit world and feel that wonderful place of peace and belonging.

Join us for a wonderful weekend with a great team of tutors to support you in going Above and Beyond what you’ve already achieved.