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Course 18A: Ambassador of Spirit

As an Ambassador of Spirit you are seen as a messenger as well as a representative for the Spirit World. This week is designed with this thought in mind which includes embracing the responsibility to continuously develop to enhance and hone the quality of your mediumship.

This week is suitable for those who want to take their first step into unfolding their mediumship abilities to those who are advanced students who wish to discover ideas to improve and understand their mediumship.

Mediumship takes many forms including communication from loved ones to the philosophy of the Spirit. Whilst keeping the joy and respect for the Spirit World in mind, you will have plenty of opportunities to practice all these aspects with a dedicated and experienced team allowing you to step beyond your comfort zone.

Mediumship is a unique journey which can deeply touch one’s soul and can bring so much joy for both worlds. This is an experience which is possible for every Ambassador to have.

Together you will work with your tutors to bring out the best in you in regards to:

  • building the power of your own soul
  • blending and enhancing your link with the Spirit World
  • understanding your predominant mediumship abilities and
  • utilizing them for presenting evidential facts and spirit philosophy

Enjoy your journey this week becoming an Ambassador for the Spirit World.