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Course 20B: Contemporary Phenomenal Trance

‘An exploration of the Trance states & phenomena for the present day’

Trance Mediumship has always been with us in many forms. From ancient and indigenous cultures, to the present day, the purposes of trance have served our tribes, communities, groups and individuals. The results of these Trance events may have offered us wisdom, philosophy, healing, prophesy, art, music and even physical phenomena etc.

This week is dedicated to exploring the altered states for Trance for the modern day and also experimentation, with sťances, demonstrations, healing and the exploration and recording of resulting phenomena.

Join me & my highly experienced team for this journey, in which we explore, unfold and discover, with Trance Mediumship, relevant for today. Deepen your link with your inspirers and discover there are no limits to your potential in Trance Mediumship and its resulting phenomena.