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Course 24A: Japanese Week

This is the fifth year of the Japanese Week at The Arthur Findlay College, when we invite our friends from Japan. During this time, many Japanese students have attended this course and it has become more popular than ever. We also have many students who return for this week, due to the high standard of the programme.

This is a Mediumship course at The Arthur Findlay College which is given in Engish with Japanese translators. During this course, English-Japanese, Japanese-English translation will be made by a dedicated and understanding translator so that you will have no worries regarding language barriers.

The experience of tradition, history and mediumship today are here waiting for you. Tradition and history of Modern Spiritualism in England is available to you where you can learn the latest global standards of mediumship.

Those who have previously attended may also gain further learning and understanding with a new awakening, through experienced and understanding tutors. This course is designed specifically to cover the many and varied aspects of mediumship. These will include:

  • Working with the psychic faculty and mediumship (including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience)
  • Training for spiritual awareness through meditation, empowerment, awareness of self and spiritual awareness
  • Mediumship: Communication with spirit
a) Learning about Mediumship and developing your Mediumistic skills
b) Learning how to provide Private Sittings (personal readings):
Evidential Mediumship – spirit communication with relatives, friends, etc.
Spiritual Assessments - assessing your spiritual development
c) Public Demonstrations of Mediumship, watching, as well as practising
d) Mediumship and Art
e) Spiritual Healing
f) Philosophy and History of Spiritualism through lectures and guided tour of the College

Our team of tutors have many years’ experience in teaching and demonstrating in all aspects of Mediumship. Together, we believe we are offering you the best possible course to help you enhance your mediumistic abilities. The Arthur Findlay College is a wonderful place for you to stay, with a museum and shop for you to browse at your leisure and has superb grounds for you to relax. A healing session for you can be possible, depending on the day and private readings by tutors are available (charged separately).

We promise to do our utmost to ensure you have a great time. We are looking forward to seeing you on Japanese Week.

For your Japanese contact and information for enquiries and registration support, or transportation between London City area and The Arthur Findlay College, please feel free to contact Ms. Kiyomi Yoshida www.kiyomi-yoshida.com





==主な内容== ●あなたのサイキックな能力を探り、高める--さまざまなサイキック能力(クレアヴォヤンス・クレアオーディエンス・クレアセンティエンスetc.)を発展させる。
●スピリチュアリズムの哲学や歴史について--カレッジ内ガイドツアーまたはスピリチュアリズムの歴史 etc.。





連絡先:日本代表窓口 吉田きよみ