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Course 30A: Trance – An Exploration!

Let the guidance of our excellent tutors move your trance experience into the 21st Century.

Together, we will be studying the varying degrees of spirit influence and the effects on our energies and consciousness. If you are interested in all aspects of trance and looking for a closer blending, then this course could be the course for you. During this course, our team will endeavour to help you to achieve a greater understanding of the energies of trance and the processes you will discover for yourself.

Throughout this intensive and practical course, you will be helped, supported and encouraged to experience many different techniques, focusing especially on trance speaking and trance communication. Trance will enhance your closeness with spirit and, together, we will investigate this further. We will be experimenting with different techniques and approaches to reach that state of mind where we can let go of fears and inhibitions and find that inner stillness and silenced.

Your tutors will guide you in the best possible ways so that you may experience and understand the energies and the presence of your inspirers; how spirit may influence you to be of service.

Where can trance take us? Are you excited about your trance development? Are you curious? Then do join us for a course designed to be uplifting, enlightening and inspiring!