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Course 45: Mediumship – First Choice

Why is this course called first choice? In 30 years as a course organiser, if a student is disappointed with a course its normally because in their groups they are not with the tutor they hoped for, the level of group they feel they need to be in or focusing on the aspect they feel they needed. So on this course when you make your reservation, you may have your FIRST CHOICE stating the following choices, with one of the top of the tree mediums and tutors.

Group A: Paul Jacobs Advance demonstrating mediumship:
For students who are out working regularly in their own right.

Group B: John Johnson Advanced demonstrating mediumship:
Demonstating on their own or sharing the platform. Also, for those who feel ready to move towards the plastform

Group C: Jose Gosschalk Intermediate demonstrating mediumship:
For those who can demonstrate a contact in small groups and circles who want to move to the next level

Group D: Andy Byng Advance private sittings:
For those already taking professional private sittings and those who feel nearly ready to move to that stage.

Group E: Chris Drew Intermediate private sittings:
Moving forward to a more professional private sitting and looking at psychic reading assessments and mediumistic evidential sittings.

Group F: Lynn Probert
For students who are new or fairly new having a taster at looking at their psychic and mediumistic potential, helping to make their next steps and their way forward.

This is a course you won’t be disappointed in. There will also be extra sessions outside the normal time table with Paul which are optional. Looking forward, to seeing you.