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Course 48B: Dreams Weekend

Are you interested in knowing how to interpret your dreams? Would you like to learn how to work with your own dreams, or help others to work with theirs?
Then you will find this course interesting and exciting.
Something new and different!

Most of us will never have the opportunity of going to sleep in a dream laboratory, so we have to find other ways to help us remember and record our dreams. Remembering your dreams is an essential first step in working on them, and interpreting their hidden meanings.

Dream research suggests that we all of us dream every night, so, even if up to now you’ve been unsuccessful in recalling your dreams; it doesn’t mean you should fall into the habit of thinking ‘I never dream’.

With practice and the right techniques, you should soon be able to regularly remember at least one and probably more dreams every morning, thus uncovering the mysterious, interesting and meaningful guidance they offer.

You can also use the same techniques for interpreting your meditations, which gives them much more purposeful meaning and guidance in your life