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Course 49C: The Glories of Spirit

*Come and explore a different type of Mediumship every day!*

There are so many wonderful ways the Spirit World, and our own Spirit Within, can express itself. This Course is about encouraging this to happen by working with a different type of Mediumship for a whole day at a time throughout the week.

You will be coached by experienced Tutors as we work with practical exercises towards progressing and enhancing your abilities at whatever stage your development may be.
We will encourage your Clairsentience and Clairvoyance; Trance - Inspiration, Writing & Speaking; the Aura and Healing; Colour and Spiritual Art.

Each day will be busy and filled with interesting and enjoyable things to do.

The Course will also include:

  • Sessions spent in smaller groups, plus Workshops and Tutorials when everyone comes together, all with clear explanations and plenty of information.
  • Lots of things to try and support as you ‘have a go’.
  • Time for your queries and questions.
  • Handouts to take home to help you remember everything you have learned and how much you have achieved.
  • Opportunities to demonstrate and perform.
  • Personal ‘Evidential’ or ‘Spiritual Assessment’ Readings can be booked with Tutors (fee)
  • A Sunday Service and mid-week Demonstration of Mediumship given by the Tutors.

Come join us and discover the incredible variety of Mediumship in a happy and supportive environment with like-minded people.

Our aim is to bring out the best in you and we look forward to meeting the “Glory of Your Spirit”.