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Course 06B: A Brush with Spirit Art

All artists are sensitives, the very creative nature of drawing, painting and design takes you to the next level of awareness allowing you the opportunity to explore and experiment. This course allows the student of spirit art to break free from the rigid confines of academia at the same time experiencing the art of drawing in a very creative way. With the use of your mediumistic gifts this will enable the joining of the two worlds. Being able to produce a likeness of a loved one, who now resides in that other world brings about a beautiful reunion that brings comfort and upliftment. This course of Creativity and Mediumship may just be the beginning of your spiritual journey. Don’t let it end as you leave the college give yourself permission to be free and creative always with your Spirit Art.

If you have favourite art materials bring them along, the college will provide some basics.

A small book that may assist your journey ‘The Spirit Artist’ by Alan Stuttle is on sale in the college shop for 7.50 should you wish to purchase one