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Course 09: The Power Within

Mediumship is a very unique journey. This week is designed to allow you to be the individual you are, where you will be encouraged and guided to work with the inner voice of your own spirit, as well as those who work closely with you from the spirit realms.

You will be encouraged in the progression of your mediumistic development through group sessions plus a daily group on a specialist subject, enabling you to gain experience and knowledge in the various aspects of mediumship. As the week progresses you will be assisted to “fine tune” your awareness to the power of spirit encouraging a more defined contact allowing the flow of the story of their lives to be given to their loved ones.

You will have the opportunity to:
Enter the stillness within.
Explore your individual abilities and blend with the power of spirit.
Practice demonstrating and private sittings.
Recognise the difference between information received from the psychic faculty and the spirit communicator and work with both aspects.
Gain an understanding of the mechanics of mediumship.
Work with inspirational speaking.

The focus of this course is not only mediumship, but the journey of the soul which enriches our lives, so if you are prepared to push yourself to be the best you can be and allow yourself to be the voice of the spirit this could be the course for you.

Whether you are a working medium or just taking your first steps on your journey, we will endeavour to assist you to gain a greater perception of the spirit world, enabling your mediumship to unfold with knowledge and confidence in a warm and friendly atmosphere.