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Course 18A: Walk Within The Power of Spirit

An intensive, practical course, for Intermediate and Advanced students only.

Val is passionate about Evidential Mediumship and has devised a course with her tutors that will allow you every opportunity to work with your public and private mediumship – each session hopefully helping you to help you become a truly confident channel for Spirit. Although not a trance course Val, who is also a trained hypnotherapist, uses techniques which can help you to work to a much deeper level.

During this week you will :

  • Set your intent to Spirit, using Meditation & attunement
  • Interact with your guides on a regular basis
  • Understand how important it is to blend with Spirit loved ones by always being in the power before you give any contact.
  • Practice truly Walking within the Power so you can promote the personality/emotion, character and message of loved ones.
  • Be encouraged to use different approaches to Private sittings and Public communications – thinking “outside the box” and preparing you to work in a professional manner at all times.

You and your gifts are unique – the tutors on this course hope to help you to retain your individuality in a non-competitive environment, so that YOU can know yourself, your mediumship and your true potential, during the many tutorials & groups.

There will be many ways in which you will be encouraged to understand the energies of the Spirit communicators and guides – table tilting, sitting in the cabinet (as an energy experiment) and a demonstration of trance are all on the programme.

A week in the beautiful energies of Stansted Hall may be all you need to bring your gifts together, so please join us-your life could change forever and for the better!