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Course 40B: Face of Spirit Inspired Art

One of the most important abilities you need when embarking on learning the craft of becoming a Spirit Artist is the need to bring with you the gift of a willingness to experiment with different medias and understanding the blending of Mediumship and Art. This may take the form of portraiture, auragraphs, symbolism or pure colour. It is most important to come along with an open heart and mind also to enjoy the sharing with fellow students. The act of creativity comes through many avenues as art includes the spoken or written word and music to inspire. With patience and dedicated attunement with those teachers who are willing to help from the spirit realms great progress can be made. Spirit Art is not just for a course at the College, it can become a new direction for you to enhance those gifts that you are already aware. It is your choice and your responsibility. We look forward to sharing with you.

If you have favourite art materials bring them along, the college will provide some basic.

A small book that may assist your journey ‘The Spirit Artist’ by Alan Stuttle is on sale in the college shop should you wish to purchase one.