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Course 41A: Mastering Energy, Art & Mediumship

See Also:Course 8a ' Mastering Energy & Mediumship 17th to 24th Feb 2018
Course7b ' Mastering Energy, Energy Management & Mediumship 23rd Feb to 2nd March 2019
Course 33a 'Mastering Energy, Management, Art & Mediumship' 24th to 31st August 2019
Each course is different yet with elements designed to offer essential foundation & progressive continuity.
Study the finer detail and micro dynamics of energy or simply immerse yourself in the atmosphere.

It is not necessary to be or become an Artist to attend this course. Choose your goals; Master the energy, mediumship, spirit art, or simply emotions, yourself and life
Our goal is insight to 'Mastery' and our approach is to You the Medium as a whole.
Advanced and Intermediates can progress to new levels. Newcomers can explore.

Janette Marshall and her tutors invite you to join a diverse and yet focused week where you are encouraged to identify and pursue your personal areas of interest.
You may attend all courses if you wish to deepen momentum, understanding and abilities.
Investigate What happens, why it happens, and how your Mediumship works. Personal feedback helps you to Master the energy you are, work and live with.

Exploring skills of business, science, the arts, healing arts, music, culinary arts or even spiritual disciplines and practices of martial arts can offer insight to Mastery and the ability to harness and to hone, bringing practical & spiritual together in Mediumship & life goals.
Master atmosphere, delivery, Evidence, Presence & Presentation with Fun & Dedication.
Advance your Mediumship, your skill sets, self-awareness, and self-management. Conquer doubts. Maintain a confident sense of self in a Mediumistic environment.

You will be active with your mediumship individually, in pairs and groups working with or without art. Receive valuable intuitive & energy techniques. Work choices include:

  • Private Sittings
  • Platform Mediumship
  • Philosophy & Healing
  • Altered States & Trance
  • Awareness for Teachers
  • Discuss. Explore. Contribute
  • Artists: Portrait Foundation & Master Classes. Guides. Aura graphs. Symbology.

If Art is your main focus or one of your choices please note the Mediumistic capability itself can help to create a 'spirit face', emotional expression and 'bring out' drawing skills.
Basic materials are provided. You are also welcome to bring your own favourite materials.

Recognise the relevance of rhythm, timing, composition and energy platforms.
How to draw or deliver evidential & quality information in relatively short spaces of time. Discover tangibility, science & therapeutic value of fine tuning & energy management.
Access the magical, tansformational properties of Mediumistic & Intuitive abilities.

Realise how you can align your conscious and subconscious minds to achieve greater mastery of mind and mediumship. Mindfulness, stamina and energy efficiency. Consider your own individual needs and then move with the strength of the team.

Please email:info@janettemarshall.com if you wish to introduce yourself or specify personal goals

Please email info@janettemarshall.com if you wish to introduce yourself or specify personal goals