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Course 46B: Animal Communication and Healing

Come and join us on a week working with animals and pets on different levels. We will be working using our sensitivity to become aware of pets on a soul level, using photos to recognise the cause of issues and problems between owners and their pets. Sometimes pets can have behavioural problems and we will be learning specific techniques to look at identifying the cause of these problems too.

We will be working with pets in the spirit world to bring through shared memories and help pet owners to deal with their grief. Part of the course will be dedicated to learning techniques we can use to find missing animals and to identify whether the pet has passed to the spirit world, is lost or has left for some other reason. We can then inform the owner and either help them to move on or help them to locate the pet.

A large part of this course will be dedicated to healing animals and we will be learning how animals communicate their illnesses and moods to us.

One afternoon towards the end of the week, we will have volunteers from the area joining us with their pets so we can put in to practice what we have learned during the course.

We will be spending time with the horses in the fields next door and putting some of the techniques we have learned in to practice with them as well.

This week is designed for us to have fun and we believe it is suitable for all levels of students, from beginners to advanced, but more importantly for everyone with a love of animals. We look forward to seeing you!

Please bring lots of photos of your pets and animals you know well.