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Course 50A: Triptych Trance Mentorship 3

This innovative course that takes place over three weekends spread throughout the year is now available for those students who wish to be mentored throughout their Trance Development using a continual assessment process. Either as a returning student or a beginner your need for support, progression and on-going guidance is guaranteed.

You will be completing a questionnaire on your arrival that will allow us to direct your development in the most positive way to enhance your abilities.

As each course runs over a weekend you will be guided by Libby and her expert team to ensure that you are achieving the highest potential within your development.

You must book all three weekends at the same time and they must be completed in order throughout the year, you will not be able to book for just one or two weekends as this is a continuous learning programme that has been developed by Libby to ensure that you are supported and guided at every stage.

Each student will receive a personal assessment booklet that will be completed at each stage of the courses, with suggestions, ideas and ways to help your trance mediumship advance smoothly. For those returning you will receive the next booklet along with new exercises, suggestions for reading material and of course our comments, suggestions and ideas for the months between our meetings.

It does not matter if you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced student; the groups will be graded to suit the level of ability that you are working at.

Triptych means three connected and this is our aim for these weekends, you will be connected to spirit working with spirit and supported by spirit. A mentorship scheme that is spread throughout a year with written notes by the tutors that work with you and that you take away with you to create your own personal continuous learning experience. Suggestions of exercises, hints to help your attunement, ideas to help you stay within the altered states and recommendations for you to try until the next time we meet.

We also have a Facebook page just for the students of this course to exchange ideas and ask questions of the tutors and colleagues. We stay in touch and share for the whole year, not just the time at the college.

Finally a course designed to support the student in every aspect of their trance development, sign up today, this will fill fast.