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Meet the AFC Tutors:

The Arthur Findlay College has over 50 Approved tutors and alongside them, many specialist and guest tutors who all bring you the highest standards of tuition across many disciplines.

Below is the full list of tutors and to the right is the list of the tutors who also have a Personal Profile page on the Arthur Findlay College website, so that you can learn a little about them and also find out which courses they are organising and teaching!

The College Tutors for 2014
Sandie Baker Sally Barnes Colin Bates Morage Bence
Leah Bond Martin Colclough Libby Clark Lynn Cottrell
Margaret Davis Eileen Davies Helen DaVita
Chris Drew Eamonn Downey Glyn Edwards Carole Ellis
Margaret Falconer Thelma Francis Sheila French Janet Gay
Josť Gosschalk Julie Grist Sandy Hagger Sharon Harvey
Eric Hatton Paul Jacobs Simon James John Johnson
Simone Key Susan Leybourne Angie Morris Maureen Murnan
Maureen Murnan Janet Parker Lynn Parker Mavis Pittilla
Nora Shaw Gerard Smith Matthew Smith Brian Robertson
Pauline Silver Lillian Steiner Tony Stockwell Nora Moray Stringer
Bill Thomson Stella Upton Steven Upton Val Williams
Jackie Wright  
Specialist Tutors
John Brett (Hypnotherapy) Janet Elliott (Psychic Art)
Jennifer Jones (Sound) Alan Stuttle (Psychic Art)
Alan Stuttle (Psychic Art) Scott Milligan (Physical Mediumship)
Overseas Guest Tutors
Janet Nohavec (USA)