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SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
  • Tutor

Sharon Harvey

I am a CSNU (Certificate of the Spiritualist National Union) holder & have been a medium for over forty years and have seen and experienced many amazing aspects of spiritual reality. I was told as a youngster that I rarely mixed with my family when younger, instead keeping to myself upstairs in the family spare bedroom. I could often be heard talking to people who were "not there".

At the age of about 11 I became very interested in God and used to skip school and instead spend my days in churches and graveyards. I felt at home there and connected to a higher power, which at that time I did not understand. I always felt different from other people and when younger I had a sense of loneliness.

I had many experiences in my youth that at the time I found unsettling, as I had no one to explain them to me. This led to me spending time getting over my fears to enable me to work with the Spirit World.

Some years ago I was lucky enough to attend Arthur Findlay College on one of the courses offered where Gordon Higginson was demonstrating. At the demonstration I was the first recipient to receive a message from Gordon. It was extremely accurate and truly amazing. Since that demonstration I have never been frightened of Spirit. That night was the start of my never ending journey which has given me the privilege of working for God and serving the Spirit world. As a result, I am passionate about ensuring that no one is afraid of working with and for the Spirit world.

Throughout my years practising and teaching as a medium I have sat for physical mediumship. I have seen recognisable figures build from ectoplasm, witnessed levitation and been lucky enough to catch an etheric finger on camera, caught before one of my sittings (see link below).

My passion is teaching others to connect with their own great power within as well as the divine. I feel truly privileged to be able to help others stand in their own power and work with the Spirit world. I have high standards and encourage people to find a link with the spirit world for themselves. On all my courses I offer the opportunity for my students to attend one of my physical sittings where they may be lucky enough to witness physical phenomena given by the Spirit world.

I am also developing my healing and attend the pioneer centre at the Arthur Findlay College whilst I work towards being an approved SNU Healing Medium.

If you would like to know more about me, my work or the courses I teach on, please visit my website at www.walkingwithspirit.net