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  • Officiant of The Spiritualists' National Union
SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
  • Public Speaking

Angela McInnes

I was born in 1949 in Edinburgh. I am a proud wife, mum and grandmother.

As a Spiritualist I have been fortunate enough in my many years within Spiritualism to be involved in various aspects of Spirit work, which included travelling the United Kingdom and abroad serving churches and centres as a working medium.

Another important direction of my work with Spirit is teaching and my pathway has given me the role of group leader, tutor and course organiser, spanning a number of years.

It was a privilege to serve the Edinburgh College of Parapsychology not only as a senior tutor, but also to work with my husband where he served as Principal for thirteen years and then I also served as Principal.

My work as an Officiant of the Spiritualists' National Union has allowed me to serve the Spiritualist community, taking official services and carrying out any duties I have been called upon to do within the local communities both in Scotland and now in Lancashire, England.

Although I have moved from Scotland and now live in Blackpool in Lancashire, I intend to continue serving Spirit and Spiritualism with a continued commitment and dedication to all the work I am called upon to undertake.