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Maureen Murnan

I have been a working medium for the past 15 years. I serve many churches and centres all across the UK and overseas. My mediumistic work has also lead me into the teaching of many spiritualist and mediumistic topics, and this has become a great passion in my life. I count my work at the Arthur Findlay College as a true blessing for I never cease to be amazed with the students I meet there from all over the world, and also the many colleagues that I have the privilege to work with.

I believe very strongly in the necessity of training and development of all aspects of mediumship. We are all the ambassadors of the Spirit world, and as such we need to present our mediumship in a professional and responsible way, the right training and development can help us to build essential quality within our mediumship, that once developed, will last a life time. It is that very quality that will help us as mediums to take spiritualism and proof of survival of the human spirit forward into the future.

As well as my work at the college and abroad, I put together many workshops and training session in and around my own locality, all students need continuity within their training, so I feel that as tutors we are able to take college training out to areas were students may find it otherwise difficult to get support and encouragement.

My love of working with Colour and the Aura led me to study Colour Therapy, as this seemed an obvious addition to bring the power of the rainbow into healing, as with all things this too has begun to grow of its own accord and I now combine Colour with Sound and Fragrance, finding as I work with my students that these natural vibrations that surround our everyday world have many effects upon us, in body, mind and spirit.

Trance and the Altered States of Consciousness is something I became involved with during my own student days at the college, perhaps it was because I had excellent tutors who understood my individuality and the necessity of tender nurturing of this beautiful aspect of mediumship, that has led me to continue my own trance development and enjoy working with students who's trance is beginning to blossom.

For a great many years I have felt in harmony with the teachings and spirituality of the Native American Indians. I have taken a course in Shamanism, and found that the shamanic path has changed the course of my life, forever, and for the better.

I have been fortunate to have had many dealings with the Cherokee and Seminole, where I have been to share time and unforgettable experiences of true spirituality. I am also now involved with the Lakota Indians in South Dakota, my respect and dedication to the pursuit of this timeless wisdom and deep spirituality, has given me so much, that I want to pass on to others who are sincere about their understanding of the Native American way of life.

Many people ask if I was mediumistic as a child, the answer is yes, I just did not know that this is what was happening to me, as I was brought up in a non-spiritualist family, even though my grandmother was a natural medium. Looking back now, I can make sense of all the strange happenings that occurred, and my regular out of the body experiences. My aim for the future is to help others who would like to push back the boundaries of their own spiritual potential, and discover what their soul's journey has in store for them. We all come into this world with a purpose, some of us are fortunate to discover that purpose quickly. Others take a little longer, and some never find it at all. Until we learn to open to our spiritual nature we are incomplete, constantly searching for the balance that puts together the scattered pieces of our life. I feel strongly that it is the spiritual self that is the key, that will help us walk this path in harmony with all life and with ourselves.

What an exciting journey, and one that we can walk a little way together.

My workshops include:

Training and development of Mental Mediumship.(Higher levels)
Awakening to Spirit (Mediumship mixed levels)
Colour and the Aura. (Colour in mediumship)
The Living Rainbow. (Colour Awareness for healing and development)
Trance and the Altered States of Consciousness.
Let the Soul Speak . (Development of inspirational speaking/writing)
Native American Spirituality & Teachings. (The Shamanic Path)