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  • Director of The Spiritualists' National Union
  • Minister of The Spiritualists' National Union
  • Public Relations Officer of The Spiritualists' National Union
  • Teacher of The Spiritualists' National Union
  • Long Service Award of The Spiritualists' National Union
  • Award of Merit of The Spiritualists' National Union
SNU Diplomas:
  • Basic Foundation (Academic)
  • General Administration
  • Spiritualist Healing
  • Public Speaking
SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Public Speaking
  • SNU Tutor

Minister Judith Seaman

Steven has been involved with the Spiritualist movement since 1971. He started developing his healing mediumship in 1977 and over the following 17 years practiced this on a regular basis in a number of SNU Churches.

He attended the Arthur Findlay College as a student from 1979 and upon qualifying as a SNU Teacher in 1995 he became a College Tutor specialising in trance, and particularly trance healing.

Over the last few years Steven has become a leading exponent and teacher of trance healing, not only in the UK, but he has also worked in Canada, Denmark, Dubai, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the USA.

For several years Steven has been sitting for the development of physical mediumship. Whilst the development of this type of mediumship is usually slow, he is making progress and has produced a variety of physical phenomena.

Steven is also responsible for SDU Publications, a project dedicated to re-printing out-of-print Spiritualist classics.

If you would like to know more about Steven, his work or the courses he is teaching on please either email Steven on steven@s-upton.com or visit his website at www.s-upton.com