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  • Officiant of The Spiritualists' National Union
SNU Certificates of Recognition:
  • Demonstration (Evidential Mediumship)
  • Public Speaking
  • SNU Tutor

Kitty Woud

Kitty has been aware of the spirit since childhood. At 18, she was initiated in the art of transcendental meditation and has continued her practices over the years. She believes meditation is essential to spiritual growth and the unfoldment of mediumship.

In 1979 she visited the Arthur Findlay College for the first time and this marked the beginning of many years of spiritual studies, both at the college and at home.

Already an educational professional, she was invited to the Teachers’ Training Course of the AFC and she became the first Dutch tutor in 2007. She demonstrates and teaches various aspects of mediumship, such as: awareness, inspiration, colour, meditation, evidential mediumship and trance.

Apart from the college, Kitty works extensively as a demonstrator and teacher of mediumship in the Netherlands and she has also worked in other European countries. She enjoys working in a team and she loves sharing her great passion for mediumship with her students. From 2013, Kitty will organize her own week at the Arthur Findlay College, called “Reach for the Stars”, and from 2014 Kitty will also be organising "French Week".

If you like to know more about Kitty and her work, please visit her website www.nickwoud.com/Kitty.html or email her at kittywoud@ziggo.nl