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The College Bar

Based in the heart of the Arthur Findlay College, the Bar is available to residential students with seating for around 60 people and brings a modern twist to the 19th century surroundings.

Devoted to making memories, to relax and reflect on the day’s experiences, it is the ideal zone to meet with like-minded people, to have good times with old friends and new.

The bar is a great place to meet, talk and dance, whatever compliments your mood.

The bar décor is conducive for great party nights as well as serene evenings for convivial conversations.

Comfy sofas and stools are set around tables. Should you choose to sit in the long bar or in the dance floor area, it is a flexible space with a modern theatrical design that was once the Hall’s Chapel!

The College serves wines, spirits, local and international bottled beers and lagers as well as soft drinks.

The bar walls are adorned with black and white photographs of Past Pioneers in the Spirit World, including photos of Arthur Findlay when he was a young boy.

Whilst you discuss your abilities and learnings of your day, you will be presided over by some of the greatest pioneers of spirit including Arthur Findlay, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Andrew Jackson Davies, Emma Hardinge Britten and many More.

The public are welcome into the bar after the Divine services in the Sanctuary on Sunday’s and Wednesday’s.

Nonresidential friends of residential students may visit with advance written permission of the General Manager.

Non-residents are not permitted into the main College. The College is for the current residential students only.

The bar is open from:

9pm to 11pm daily, we may close early if most of the students choose to go to bed early.

9pm to 12am, if your Course Organizer chooses to request a party night which usually falls on the night before your departure, or even the night before that.

You may not consume your own alcohol in our College or bar. The profits pay for the bar staff to be employed to serve you so please note this facility may be withdrawn if it is abused.

The Bar is only open on nights when students are in residence.