Course 27A 2019

Japanese Week
(13 Jul - 20 Jul 2019)

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Course 27A 2019

(13 Jul - 20 Jul 2019)

Japanese Week

This year will be our 7th year of Japanese Week at The Arthur Findlay College and this course is becoming even more popular as students recognise the variety of good teaching available to them.

This is a Mediumship course given in English with Japanese translators. During the course, English-Japanese, Japanese-English translation will be provided by dedicated and understanding translators so that you will have no worries or concerns regarding language.

You can expect the experience of tradition, history and mediumship are available to you here, where you can experience high standards of mediumship for yourself.

This course is designed to accommodate all levels including the beginners.

Therefore, those who are the beginners can join and enjoy without any worries. Those students who have returned to us can also gain further learning and understanding with tutors whose work is current and progressive. Our tutors have very many years’ experience of teaching at high levels, as well as demonstrating mediumship both privately and publicly.

This course is designed to cover the very many varied aspects of mediumship, including:

• Working with the psychic faculty and mediumship (including clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience)
• Training to become more spiritually aware through meditation, empowerment, awareness of self and spiritual awareness.
• Mediumship: Communication with spirit
• Healing: Contact, Distant and Absent

Together, we will be:

1. Learning about Mediumship and developing Mediumistic skills
2. Learning how to provide Private Sittings (personal readings): Evidential Mediumship – spirit communication with relatives, friends, etc. Spiritual Assessments – assessing our spiritual development
3. Public Demonstrations of Mediumship, watching, as well as practising.
4. Mediumship & Art
5. Spiritual Healing
6. Philosophy and History of Spiritualism

Come and enjoy our English/Japanese family! Our teaching team believe we are offering you the best possible course to help you learn and understand the many aspects of mediumship.

During your stay, you will experience two translated Public Spiritualist Services, when you will witness for yourself Spiritualism today (free-will donation).

We promise to make your stay as enjoyable as we can and look forward to seeing you on Japanese Week.

For your Japanese contact and information for enquiries and registration support or transportation between London City area and The Arthur Findlay College, please feel free to contact Ms. Kiyomi Yoshida,


アーサー・フィンドレー・カレッジ(AFC)で開催される日本人向けのコースも7年目を迎えます。受講者の方々にも、多様で充実した授業内容 であると評価いただき、これまでにもまして人気のコースとなってきております。





• あなたのサイキックな能力を探り、高める--さまざまなサイキック能力(クレアヴォヤンス・クレアオーディエンス・クレアセンティエンスetc.)を発展させる。
• あなたのスピリチュアル・アゥエアネス(霊性開花)を助ける訓練--メディテーション、自己をみつめる。ガイドスピリットを知り、共にはたらく。
• ミディアムシップ :霊界とのコミュニケーション。
• さまざまなスピリチュアル・ヒーリングについて学ぶ。


3. ミディアムシップのやり方を学ぶ、および、さらなる技術の向上を目指す。
4. プライベート・シッティング(個人リーディング)のやり方を学ぶ。
3. パブリック・デモンストレーションを体験する。
4. ミディアムシップとアート
5. スピリチュアル・ヒーリング
6. スピリチュアリズムの哲学や歴史について

AFCのイングリッシュ/ジャパニーズファミリーの一員となって、一緒に楽しみましょう! 講師陣は、あなたがミディアムシップの多岐にわたる分野を学び理解するため、最前を尽くしてコースをご提供していると信じております。




連絡先:日本代表窓口 吉田きよみ

The Arthur Findlay College is exclusive – there is nowhere in the world that has both its history and ambience under the same roof. It is a great place to stay, with a museum and shop for you to browse at your leisure and includes wonderful grounds for you to relax and enjoy. A healing session can be possible for you (free-will donation) depending on the day and private readings with tutors are available (charged separately).


  • Number of Nights: 7
  • Arrive

    after 3pm for 5pm

  • Start

    on Saturday 13th July 2019

  • Depart

    after breakfast on

  • Saturday 20th July 2019

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £625.00
Course Supplement £180.00
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Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

Arthur Findlay College
Price Band 2019 Accommodation Food & Beverage Fee Course & Admin Fee Total
BAND A (7 Nights) £375.00 £250.00 £625.00
BAND B (6 Nights) £348.00 £232.00 £580.00
BAND C (5 Nights) £306.00 £204.00 £510.00
BAND D (4)

BAND E (3)

BAND F (2)












Single Room Supplement

£100.00 per person per course (5 – 7 Nights)

£90.00 per person per course (2 – 4 Nights)


En Suite Supplement

£13.00 per person per night


Course Supplement

Please check the information on your chosen course to see if any supplements will be applied.


Private Sittings £45

Recording the sitting is your responsibility. The college has recording equipment that you can use, but we can not be held responsible for failed recordings.

£5.00 will be added for the service of a translator if you need one.

Day Students

£80 per day

Day course fee includes entrance to lectures,Workshop & demonstrations 9am-9pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the £80 admission charge but can be provided at extra cost by prior arrangement. Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers. The following charges apply for addition meals for day students. Day student bookings cannot be taken until 3 weeks before a course due to begin,priority is given to residential course students. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you on busy courses. Advance booking are necessary and space is subject to availability.

Breakfast £9.00

Lunch £15.00 (included in the day delegate fee)

Sunday Lunch & Dinner £15.00


Bed & Breakfast (Per Night)

Single en-suite: £90 per room + VAT

Single basic: £80 per room + VAT

Double/Twin en-suite: £115 per room + VAT

Double/Twin basic: £110 per room + VAT