Course 32b 2024

Totally Trance Healing – Future Proofing Your Gift
(10 Aug - 17 Aug 2024)

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Course 32b 2024

(10 Aug - 17 Aug 2024)

Totally Trance Healing –
Future Proofing Your Gift

This new and exciting course provides you with the opportunity to spend a whole week immersed in the power and energies of Trance Healing.

For over 40 years Libby has worked in cooperation with Spirit to build an amazing bond with her Spirit healing team, they constantly advance the skills and abilities they share with her to enable Trance Healing to grow far beyond the boundaries that are expected.

Her team of superb tutors, have decades of experience within all aspects of Trance and healing and will work with you to enable the very best of your healing gifts to flourish.

During the course we will be using meditation, discussions, debates, circles, one to one peer support, we will explore the intense power of deep Trance development, there will be an opportunity for you to discuss healing face to face with Dr James, Libby’s healing mentor in Spirit.

Energies are often bulked together as energy, but this week you will examine how to divide and become sensitive to all the different layers and forms of energies in hands on workshop.
We will be advancing your medical intuitive skills to allow your patients to benefit and allow your healing to expand in a new direction.

We will share the energies and power of Neutrinos and you will learn how to focus and direct these incredible healing energies into your patients. You will monitor your patients throughout the course and see what a difference you can make with our daily Healing Rounds Report.

You will record for your patient a unique healing visualisation tailored to their needs; they can then use this over and over again to enable the healing to continue long after the course is completed. In addition, of course receive your own personal meditation in return.

We will build healing energies into small gifts that will be placed around the college and its beautiful grounds for others to find and absorb the power in whatever way they need it. Take part in our paying the healing forward workshop and know that you are expressing the love and power of spirit in as many ways as possible.

Of course, in our group work sessions we will support and guide your development and aid you in building the relationship with your mentors in spirit in every way possible.

So what are you waiting for, this is your invitation to the future of healing in all its forms, book today and know that you are securing your place in the advancement of healing in our world.

Beginner, intermediate or advanced, it is time to step into your healing power and become a healer that is worthy of the Spirit World, a healer for the future.



  • Number of Nights: 7
  • Arrive

    after 3 pm for 5 pm

  • Start

    on Saturday 10th August 2024

  • Depart

    after breakfast on Saturday 17th August 2024

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £720.00
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Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

Arthur Findlay College

2024 Course Prices for Students

Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

Arthur Findlay College

BAND A (7 Nights) £720.00
BAND B (6 Nights) £670.00
BAND C (5 Nights) £595.00
BAND D (4 Nights) £523.00
BAND E (3 Nights) n/a
BAND F (2 Nights) £295.00

Course costs include accommodation, course tuition, three meals per day and tea & coffee.

Single Room Supplement

£150.00 per person per course (5 – 7 Nights)

£120.00 per person per course (4 Nights)

£100.00 per person per course (2 Nights)

En Suite Supplement

£150.00 per person per course (5 – 7 Nights)

£120.00 per person per course (4 Nights)

£100.00 per person (2 Nights)

Course Supplements for art weeks and overseas weeks

Please check the information on your chosen course to see if any supplements will be applied.

Private Sittings

Private Sittings £50 – Course Students   Visitors – £55.00 (subject to change, please check at the time of booking).

Recording the sitting is your responsibility with your own device. but we cannot be held responsible for failed recordings.

£15.00 will be added for the service of a translator.

Day Students

£100 per day

Day course fee includes entrance to lectures, workshops & demonstrations 9 am-9 pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the day student admission charge but can be provided at extra cost by prior arrangement.

Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers.

Day student bookings cannot be taken until 3 weeks before a course due to begin, priority is given to residential course students. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you on busy courses. Advance booking are necessary and space is subject to availability.

The following charges apply for addition meals for day students.

Breakfast £10.00

Lunch £16.00 (included in the day delegate fee)

Sunday Lunch & Dinner £16.00


Bed & Breakfast (Per Night) (No Tuition)

Single en-suite: £186.00 INCL VAT

Single basic: £138.00 INCL VAT

Double/Twin en-suite: £234.00 INCL VAT

Double/Twin basic: £186.00 INCL VAT