Course 33A 2019

‘Mastering Energy & Mediumship’
(24 Aug - 31 Aug 2019)

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Course 33A 2019

(24 Aug - 31 Aug 2019)

‘Mastering Energy & Mediumship’

If you wish to Master Your Self, or the Energy, Spirit Art, Mediumship, or Life, Janette and her Tutors invite you to join a diverse yet focused week.
Our goal is insight to Mastery and our focus is to the Medium as a whole. Realise the Transformational & Therapeutic properties & value of Mediumship.

Your selected work opportunities include:

  • Private Sittings with or without Art
  • Platform Mediumship with or without Art
  • Portrait Foundation & Portrait Masterclasses
  • Guides. Altered States., Philosophy & Healing.
  • Intuitive, Attunement & Energy Techniques
  • Vibrational Awareness. Practice of Stillness. Mindfulness. Discussion & Exploration.

What happens? Why? How does your mediumship work?
Understand the energy you are, that you work and live with.

You will be active with your mediumship individually, in pairs and groups to explore how the facets of Energy, Art, or Mediumship work for you personally. How you can develop, enhance, or hone the precision of your Attunement? Focus to your own areas of interest and use your life experience to advance.

Business, Science, The Arts, Healing Arts, Music, Culinary Arts, or even the Spiritual disciplines and practices of Martial Arts can offer insight to Mastery. The legacies and skills of Inspired & Creative Minds can hone your abilities. Recognise the relevance of Negotiation. Rhythm. Timing and Composition. How to draw or to deliver quality information in relatively short spaces of time.

This course encourages Intermediate and Advanced students to evolve their skills to new levels. Refresh your approach to your self as an Energetic being and to the micro dynamics of your Mediumship and the potentials available.

Newcomers are very welcome to explore and investigate how it all works.

Bring both Practical and Spiritual together, Physical, Emotional & Mental Mastery within your Mediumship as a Teacher, Medium, Healer or Spirit Artist, will enable you to reach refined management, control and understanding.

Consider your individual needs and move within the strength of the team.
Email if you wish to share personal goals

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Every course is different yet each offers an essential foundation with progressive continuity.


  • Number of Nights: 7
  • Arrive

    after 3pm for 5pm

  • Start

    on Saturday 24th August 2019

  • Depart

    after breakfast on

  • Saturday 31st August 2019

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £625.00
Course Supplement £10.00
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Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

Arthur Findlay College
Price Band 2019 Accommodation Food & Beverage Fee Course & Admin Fee Total
BAND A (7 Nights) £375.00 £250.00 £625.00
BAND B (6 Nights) £348.00 £232.00 £580.00
BAND C (5 Nights) £306.00 £204.00 £510.00
BAND D (4)

BAND E (3)

BAND F (2)












Single Room Supplement

£100.00 per person per course (5 – 7 Nights)

£90.00 per person per course (2 – 4 Nights)


En Suite Supplement

£13.00 per person per night


Course Supplement

Please check the information on your chosen course to see if any supplements will be applied.


Private Sittings £45

Recording the sitting is your responsibility. The college has recording equipment that you can use, but we can not be held responsible for failed recordings.

£5.00 will be added for the service of a translator if you need one.

Day Students

£80 per day

Day course fee includes entrance to lectures,Workshop & demonstrations 9am-9pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the £80 admission charge but can be provided at extra cost by prior arrangement. Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers. The following charges apply for addition meals for day students. Day student bookings cannot be taken until 3 weeks before a course due to begin,priority is given to residential course students. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you on busy courses. Advance booking are necessary and space is subject to availability.

Breakfast £9.00

Lunch £15.00 (included in the day delegate fee)

Sunday Lunch & Dinner £15.00


Bed & Breakfast (Per Night)

Single en-suite: £90 per room + VAT

Single basic: £80 per room + VAT

Double/Twin en-suite: £115 per room + VAT

Double/Twin basic: £110 per room + VAT