Course 43b 2022

My Mind, My Mediumship
(29 Oct - 05 Nov 2022)

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Course 43b 2022

(29 Oct - 05 Nov 2022)

My Mind, My Mediumship


During this week we will be looking at how we can use the mind and the power of thought in a more advantageous mode to enhance and expand mediumship.

We can often be unaware of our thought patterns, hidden texts we unwittingly hold on to, which hinder the process of development, limiting self, life, and mediumship.

Therefore, as well as working with mediumship, the week will be a personal adventure, discovering more about yourself and possibilities for positive changes.

You will be guided by experienced tutors in a caring, encouraging environment to find keys within your mind that unlock doors to the greater potential within you and the tremendous possibilities of spirit.

Your tutors recognise the benefits of exploring how the mind influences mediumship, and how mediumship influences the mind.

Life, and mediumship, is a never-ending expedition of discovery, growth and development – wherever you are on that journey, it’s good to take pauses and ask, “is my mind in resonance with my spirit, my soul, allowing me the complete experience, full expression, full joy?”

We will experiment with various techniques to help amplify that resonance, energise the channel to spirit, raise confidence, enhance the dynamics of mediumship and broaden the spectrum of information spirit can bring; letting go of the fear of taking risks we have not previously dared to take.

There will be a mixture of theory and practical experience in the form of workshops, tutorials, talks, and group sessions giving opportunity to be helped with confidence building through practicing private sittings, public speaking and demonstrating. There will also be time to reflect, to share, and opportunity to ask questions, and for laughter!

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  • Number of Nights: 7
  • Arrive

    after 3 pm for 5 pm

  • Start

    on Saturday 129th October 2022

  • Depart

    after breakfast on

  • Saturday 5th November 2022

Prices are per person and based on Shared Basic Accommodation

Price: £679.00
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Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

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Course Supplement

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Private Sittings £45 – Course Students   Visitors – £50.00 (subject to change, please check at the time of booking).

Recording the sitting is your responsibility. The college has recording equipment that you can use, but we cannot be held responsible for failed recordings.

£10.00 will be added for the service of a translator if you need one.

Day Students

£95 per day

Day course fee includes entrance to lectures, workshops & demonstrations 9 am-9 pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the £95 admission charge but can be provided at extra cost by prior arrangement. Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers. The following charges apply for addition meals for day students. Day student bookings cannot be taken until 3 weeks before a course due to begin, priority is given to residential course students. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you on busy courses. Advance booking are necessary and space is subject to availability.

Breakfast £10.00

Lunch £16.00 (included in the day delegate fee)

Sunday Lunch & Dinner £16.00


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Single en-suite: £155.00 per room + VAT

Single basic: £115.00 per room + VAT

Double/Twin en-suite: £195.00 per room + VAT

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