Course 47i 2022

Mediumship for the Modern Age
(27 Nov - 27 Nov 2022)

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Course 47i 2022

(27 Nov - 27 Nov 2022)

Mediumship for the Modern Age


 One Day Workshop



 INTENSIVE ADVANCED WORKSHOP (not for beginners please)

The world is ready for truth, and only truth. Scientists are becoming more interested in Mediumship but need to hear real evidence so there can be no doubt the medium is connecting with Spirit loved ones.

It is time for us to be credible communicators of true Spirit messages and Inspirational speaking, so we accepted outside Spiritualism as well as within it.

The job of a Medium is simple-to provide Evidence of a communicator who is in the Spirit world.

Are you giving messages from Spirit – do you want to give better evidence, with more confidence – do you sometimes lose the flow of information as it comes to you? Do you want to be known as a psychic or as a medium and do you truly know the difference?

This will be a day to encourage to know to know which of your Spiritual gifts are functioning at any one time – do you see, hear, sense, and do you recognise when the changes occur?

Private sittings are vital to help you to absolutely know when you are receiving mediumistic communication – putting many tools in your toolbox of mediumship.

Public mediumship allows you to work for more people – hopefully, you will learn new techniques during this day and gain more confidence in yourself as a medium who can work in any given environment.

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Are you ready to progress? Do you have a day to give to yourself and your guides so they can help and assess you?

Val is waiting to encourage you to be the best you can be – are you ready?


 INTENSIVE ADVANCED WORKSHOP (not for beginners please)


Prices £95.00 One Day Masterclass

Fee includes: All Tuition with sessions between 9.30 am and 6 pm

Tea and Coffee during break times, 2 course lunch including refreshments

Price: £95.00 per day
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Room Supplement & Price Breakdown

Arthur Findlay College
BAND A (7 Nights) £429.00 £250.00 £679.00
BAND B (6 Nights) £402.00 £232.00 £634.00
BAND C (5 Nights) £356.00 £204.00 £560.00
BAND D (4)

BAND E (3)

BAND F (2)












Single Room Supplement

£150.00 per person per course (5 – 7 Nights)

£100.00 per person per course (2 – 4 Nights)


En Suite Supplement

3 – 7 Nights – £150.00 per person

2 Nights – £60.00 per person


Course Supplement

Please check the information on your chosen course to see if any supplements will be applied.


Private Sittings £45 – Course Students   Visitors – £50.00 (subject to change, please check at the time of booking).

Recording the sitting is your responsibility. The college has recording equipment that you can use, but we cannot be held responsible for failed recordings.

£10.00 will be added for the service of a translator if you need one.

Day Students

£95 per day

Day course fee includes entrance to lectures, workshops & demonstrations 9 am-9 pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the £95 admission charge but can be provided at extra cost by prior arrangement. Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers. The following charges apply for addition meals for day students. Day student bookings cannot be taken until 3 weeks before a course due to begin, priority is given to residential course students. We cannot guarantee that we can accommodate you on busy courses. Advance booking are necessary and space is subject to availability.

Breakfast £10.00

Lunch £16.00 (included in the day delegate fee)

Sunday Lunch & Dinner £16.00


Bed & Breakfast (Per Night)

Single en-suite: £155.00 per room + VAT

Single basic: £115.00 per room + VAT

Double/Twin en-suite: £195.00 per room + VAT

Double/Twin basic: £155.00 per room + VAT