Course 28w 2020 – ONLINE COURSE VIA ZOOM

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Course 28w 2020 – ONLINE COURSE VIA ZOOM

Teaching and sittings delivered via Zoom **ONLINE COURSE**

The Psychic and the Medium

This course is limited to 28 students

Course description

This is a new and exclusive course brought to you via the Zoom platform by AFC Tutors Lynn Parker and Suzanne Gibson-Foy.

Each day during this 3 day course, students will have the opportunity to attend a lecture on an aspect of Mediumship practice and development. Students will take part in practical group sessions, and be able to explore their own spiritual potential.

Students will have the opportunity to

  • Explore the difference between working with the psychic and mediumistic aspects of their sensitivity
  • Explore the kinds of evidence and information that can be given when working with evidential mediumship
  • Understand the need to bring through the essence and presence of communicators in the Spirit World, and put this into practice
  • Learn more about delivering one to one private readings
  • Understand the purpose of a psychic reading compared to an evidential communication
  • Practice working one to one with other students
  • Work in front of others in their group in a supportive and constructive environment
  • receive tutor guidance and feedback

Date – Friday 17th July – Sunday 19th July 2020

Time – 9.30am – 3.30pm UK time

Course Cost – £220


Exclusive to this course-

Students will have the opportunity to book a one to one mentorship session with Suzanne or Lynn. These will be available during the two days after the course finishes. Places are limited.

One to one Mentorship sessions – Monday 20th and Tuesday 21st July 2020

Suzannes available sittings 

Monday 20th July 10.00, 10.30, 11.30, 4.00, 4.30, 5.30.

Tuesday 21st July  10.00, 10.30

Lynn’s available sittings 

Monday 20th July: 11.30am, 12.00, 12.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm

Tuesday 21st July: 11.30am, 12.00, 12.30pm, 3pm, 3.30pm, 4pm

Cost – £45 – bookable prior to the course through the Arthur Findlay College Reception

To book your place and mentorship session call +44(0)1279 813636 or email:


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