Course 1a 2022 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 1a 2022 – COURSE CANCELLED

Presentation and Demonstration

This Course is for Mixed Levels &  Beginners to Demonstrating

Taking that next step with your mediumship to becoming the demonstrator is always a scary thought, but an amazing thing to experience. Not only is it the showcase for your mediumship, it’s the one place you can reach so many people all at once with the proof and knowledge that life is eternal so there is so much more required for you to feel comfortable and secure in your work and that is what this weekend will be looking at.  We aim to help you work in bringing that person alive again so that everyone feels the power of their presence in the room regardless of whether it is their message or not. Looking at different ways to place your contacts with more accuracy and keeping the audience engaged and interested throughout the duration of your work is also something that will be looked at over this weekend. If you are looking for guidance in the following, then this course is for you!

  • Stage presence and delivery
  • Remaining in the power of the communicator whilst deepening evidence
  • Working with more than one communicator
  • Manage an audience and adapting to your working space
  • Handling difficult situations and recipients
  • Timings of your contacts and length of time to find recipients
  • Placing your contacts within an audience

If you are already demonstrating or are just about to take that step, then this a great way to start the year. You will be supported by an amazing team of Tutors with a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are more than happy to share with you.



This Course is for Mixed Levels &  Beginners to Demonstrating

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