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Course 11a 2025

Mediumship Development with John Johnson
The freeing of our minds and letting go of the expected demands we have created to allow the soul’s natural expression to find its voice in this physical world”.

This course is open to all levels of experience.

We will do our best to place you in a group that best matches your level of experience and needs.

Mediumship works through the expression of our own awareness and personal spiritual senses. As mediums, we endeavour to experience the purity of this expression and the movement of this energy by understanding our own personal and individual spiritual sense of self and awareness. 

Feeling spiritually empty, tired of symbols, clairvoyance and fighting with facts?

Let us support you in discovering a natural way to let it all unfold for you.

On this established week, a wonderful team of experienced Arthur Findlay College Tutors will support you in your unfoldment and give you the support you need to believe in yourself and your own natural ability.

No one medium works exactly the same. The ‘red line’ of mediumship is to provide a body of evidence to prove, beyond reasonable doubt, that we do not die. Fundamentally, for John, the work as the psychic is to help people to help themselves.

No one teacher has all the answers. It is your own way of working that is important as long as we are working within the right purpose and principle of communication mediumship and are staying true to that spiritual purpose.

Let’s not try to be a copy of anyone else, we are not able to be like another, so let’s only focus on being the best version of ourselves.

What do you need to do?

Be open to new ideas and concepts that encourage you to go with your natural ability. This can be challenging at first as you take the steps to move away from your current ideas and discover what is your natural ability and natural expression ?

We will endeavour to share with you our own philosophy and knowledge and create the space and time within your own development to become aware of your own Natural Mediumistic abilities. When we can be freed from the boundaries, needs and demands of our physical expectations we can find our true voice of the Spirit.

This is a practical week with a balance of teaching, understanding as well as practical practice.

We will look at:

  • Self development
  • Public demonstration
  • Discussion
  • One-to-one sittings
  • Spiritual healing

We will endeavour to help you to open your mind to the way of your own Spirit`s expression through talks and workshops to widen and challenge your understanding of the way and work of, in our opinion, the Natural Medium.

This week we will finish at 9pm every day except – Tuesday and Friday when we finish at 6pm.

Most courses work every day until 9pm but we want you to have a little space and time to digest the teaching experience.

“When the soul finds that occupation which meets its attractions, it does not wish to be divorced therefrom, but steadily loves and labours onward.”

Andrew Jackson Davis

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