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Course 11b 2025

Embracing the Spirit

When we embrace trance, it can be used as a means by which the
spirit can influence and unfold within the medium, the ability to
become a finer instrument for spiritual truths. Trance in its finest
forms can help us enhance our finer qualities, and other aspects of
our natures. Trance, as in all forms of mediumship is about cooperation
and can only enhance and heighten all other aspects of
your mediumship.

It is a process of allowing the spirit world to influence our thinking
and when we allow this, the spirit world can influence our minds to
establish a blending of minds, and we can be in touch with and at
one with, minds who can inspire, educate, uplift and influence.

Whether you are curious about trance mediumship or trying to
establish a closer blending, this week will be a great opportunity to
explore the trance states. We will endeavour as a team to guide you
forward with your trance development. We will encourage you to
strengthen the relationship between you and your spirit team, in a
constructive, support and conducive environment.

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