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Course 13b 2025


This is a course for Mediumship development, with an emphasis on looking at how you allow your mind to lead you and stop you. Then finding ways to use your mind to step into your power and stride forward!

“Learn to use the mind that God gave you –not the mind you have made up for yourself”

– Uncle Leonard Crow Dog

We are often unaware of our thought patterns, hidden texts we unwittingly hold on to, which hinder the process of advancement of all areas of our lives, limiting self, life, and our spiritual abilities.  This course is for discovering more about yourself and possibilities for positive changes as you work with your mediumship, to find keys within your mind that unlock doors to the greater potential within you and tremendous possibilities of Spirit.

We will explore how we can use the power of our minds, and our thoughts in a more advantageous mode to enhance and expand mediumship; how the mind influences mediumship, and how mediumship influences the mind.

Life, and mediumship, is a never-ending expedition of discovery, growth and development – wherever you are on that journey, it’s good to take pauses and ask, “is my mind in resonance with my spirit, my soul, allowing me the complete experience, full expression, full joy?”

We will look at how we may help amplify that resonance, energise the channel to Spirit, raise confidence, enhance the dynamics of mediumship and broaden the spectrum of information spirit can bring; letting go of fear of taking risks we have not previously dared to take.

There will be a mixture of theory in the form of talks, tutorial, and practical work, on a one to one basis.

“The mind is like a muscle – the more you exercise it, the stronger it gets, and the more it can expand.”

– Idowu Kovenikan

Give yourself opportunity to empower your mind, your ‘self’, your confidence and trust, as you enrich the bond between yourself and the Spirit World!

Students will have opportunity to book a private sitting for spiritual assessment or evidential communication

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