Course 14a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

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Course 14a 2021 – COURSE CANCELLED

Trance Healing Purpose and Practice

The groups are limited to 16 students

This week is an introduction into trance techniques used within spiritual healing. It will help to establish a system of entrancement which works for you. There is a variety of different trance techniques which can be used, these techniques will be explained within group work and tutorials given by the tutors.

The trance state is a natural enabler which can improve your own healing abilities.
This week will also show you the importance of sitting in the power, which will establish a greater awareness of the presence of the spirit world, upon which you then can develop and build your own confidence when you work.

This week will start you on your healing journey, and in the words of Hippocrates, “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity.” Take the time and opportunity to join us.

There will be private sittings given by the tutors including, trance healing, spiritual assessments and evidential sittings.


The groups are limited to 16 students

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