Course 14e 2023 – DAY WORKSHOP

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Course 14e 2023 – DAY WORKSHOP

Trance Healing –
One Day Workshop

***Limited Spaces available – Book early to avoid disappointment***

This is an opportunity for you to explore your unique ability and individual connection to the Spirit World in order to experience more progressive and expansive altered states of consciousness.

Your uniqueness is your strength not your weakness.

You will be shown techniques that will allow you to express the Healing and the Intelligence of the Universe enhanced and supported by the Spirit World.

An often-overlooked problem with Trance is the psychology of the Trance Medium. Trance is a 2 way communication process; the Spirit World will present itself to the Trance Medium, but the Trance Medium must also allow the process to unfold by getting the human self out of the way.

During this experimental and exciting day you will learn techniques that will allow you to form a deeper connection to the Healing Intelligence and also learn how to deal with your own psychology by allowing the Trance process to unfold in a beautiful and natural way.

If you are an experienced Trance Medium, Spiritual Healer or just want to experience the wonderful and beautiful energy of the Healing Intelligence then this workshop is tailor made for you.

Everyone will be working towards achieving their individual and unique potential on this amazing and exciting day of Trance exploration.

Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU

***Limited Spaces available – Book early to avoid disappointment***

Day course fee includes entrance to workshops 9.30am – 18.00pm. Morning coffee, afternoon tea and lunch are included. Breakfast & Dinner are not included in the day student admission charge.

Acceptance of day students is at the discretion of Course Organisers.

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