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Course 15b 2024

The Essence and Evidence of Spirit

When working with evidential Spirit Mediumship a communication ideally consists of a beautiful blending of factual evidence specific to the Spirit communicator together with conveying the ‘essence’ of their Soul and Spirit – to bring them so much closer into this world for their loved ones.

During this week we will be looking at how we can strive to achieve and enrich this aim by experimenting with a diverse selection of exercises and techniques for strengthening and expanding all faculties of mediumship, focusing on the importance of a strong foundation of clairsentience, thereby activating a greater awareness of their soul essence, personality, feelings, and connection to the emotional aspect of their memories.

“Good communication helps relationships survive, but emotional connection is what makes love thrive!”

Often we unwittingly sabotage our mediumship i.e., self-doubt, fear of getting it wrong, pressure created by our wants and self-expectation, also, forgetting we are all unique and as such our mediumship will be unique. We will support and encourage you to allow the power of your soul freedom – express more of the real YOU, to make positive changes, find your confidence and the pure joy of working with Spirit – all important factors for good mediumship, and a positive life!

We will explore how your creative mind can be used to great advantage to facilitate ways to move beyond the hidden ‘safety nets’, and to open your mind to become your own pioneer for your mediumship, shifting the potential within you to manifest making it much more achievable to allow spirit to bring the full power of their presence, and in doing so to fulfil their needs and wishes!

There will be ample opportunity for practical experience in workshops and groups, supported by tutorials/talks on various aspects of mediumship and development.  Students will be placed in a tutor group for daily sessions according to their experience, knowledge and current needs in order to provide more individual practice and guidance.

Our passion and joy is in assisting you in your quest to progress

If you are striving to strengthen or expand your mediumship, to enhance your self-confidence and trust, to unfurl your uniqueness as a voice for Spirit, then join us for a week where this is the goal!

Students will have opportunity to book a private sitting for spiritual assessment, Auragraphs,  or evidential communication.

The following are a few of the many subjects that will be included:

  • Understanding and embracing the power you are
  • Empowering your psychic and mediumistic potential
  • The importance of sitting for Spirit
  • Trust and Intuition
  • Troubleshooting difficulties and hindrances
  • Elements for wholeness in a Spirit communication
  • Conducting private sittings and platform demonstration.

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