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Course 15b 2025

Progressive Trance Healing

This course will have groups focusing on the different levels of Trance and Entrancement within Healing Powers.
The programme will be tailored to the needs of those present.

As a general outline –

Strengthen your attunement with both the incarnate and discarnate powers in the passive states which are necessary for this form of specialized mediumship. Sessions on self-healing and receiving training on the pathway for Trance Healing. We will also be looking at other modalities to understand the difference between the application and transmission.

What defines Trance Healing? Do eyes have to be closed? What is medical clairsentience? What is your relationship with the power? Do you have a “monkey mind” If so, what discipline is needed to aid stillness?

You will be allocated to a group according to your abilities. The course will provide ample opportunities for working in various stages of attunement in an atmosphere of trust.

What is the blending process? How can the power be sustained? What does the spirit world require from the healing Medium to aid the process?

Because this course will be guided by the spirit world the above is a general outline. Much more will present itself in the workshops/Lectures/Tutorials and Group sessions.

Help us with the spirit world to manifest stability in your knowledge, understanding and part you play within the Healing Powers.

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