Course 16a 2024

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Course 16a 2024


With Minister Simone Key
& Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU

Trance is a very powerful facet of mediumship. When we enter the trance state, we are ‘held’ by those spirit influences that support and encourage us, enabling them to bring the power of the spirit to others.  This form of mediumship can help our mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. The influence of the spirit on our minds can incur an awakening in both ability and understanding.

  • Do you want to achieve a closer blending with spirit?
  • Are you looking for direction with your trance mediumship?

Throughout this course, we will be exploring many different facets of trance, including speaking (philosophy), guidance, evidential communication, and lots more.

Join me and my team for a course designed to help, support, and encourage you in both your trance ability and understanding.

Suitable for all levels.

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