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Course 16a 2025

Trance: A Beautiful Blending

Through a development of the trance states we are able to come into the awesome presence of the spirit world which allows the soul to be touched and the spirit to be inspired. As we sit to develop the trance states for our own mediumship there is a natural coming together of what is perceived to be two worlds but as we allow ourselves to blend and surrender to a greater power there becomes an awareness of no separation, only that which we ourselves have created, and thus there is one world rather than two.

The spirit world come to blend with us through the power of love. That which unfolds from this state is done in service to mankind as well as to the self. It may develop into any of the facets of trance including healing, speaking philosophy or teachings, guidance and wisdom, evidential communication and others. The more opportunity that we provide for our spirit team to work with us in the altered states, the more refined our energy becomes for all aspects of mediumship and the more we allow a personal development to take place.

Whether you are being called to explore the trance states for the first time or if you wish to further unfold your ability and come into a better blending, join us.

On this course we will cover:

  1. How to quieten the mind
  2. Blending with your spirit team
  3. Awareness and sensing of the spirit world
  4. Learning to surrender
  5. Trance healing
  6. The many aspects of trance speaking
  7. Trance demonstrations
  8. Inspired talks

Join Suzanne and her team who will provide a supportive and conducive environment for you to unfold and uncover that potential which is innate within you.

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