Course 16b 2022

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Course 16b 2022

Between Two Worlds

This week we will endeavour to help you to create an understanding of the unfoldment of your spiritual and mediumistic potential, helping you to have a better understanding of your mediumship. Our team of tutors will be devoting their time and experience to each of you, encouraging you to be a “good” medium and “not a safe medium!”

The subjects to be covered are follows:

☆Mediumistic /Psychic development
☆Public Demonstrations
☆Presentation and Techniques
☆ Responsibility of Mediumship
☆Psychic & Evidential Sittings / Spiritual Appraisals

There will be opportunities for student demonstrations with constructive feedback and you will be able to experiment with each of the course subjects. It will be a hard-working course, but designed to be very rewarding.

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