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Course 16b 2024

Science & Psychical Research Week

Are you a researcher, psychic or medium interested in psychical sciences?
Would you like to spend time experimenting, researching and evolving your knowledge of the unseen world and how we commune and communicate with Spirits?

The week will include, and may not be limited to, understanding the various forms of energy, states of consciousness and practices of mediumship, with a special focus on Spiritualist Healing, along with the trance states, which may include the use of experimental equipment, where available.

This week is an investigational week exploring the science of Spiritualism through a series of lectures, tutorials and experimental sessions. It is a great opportunity to hear the research of the tutors and any external guest(s), while having the opportunity to experiment with equipment, exercises and experiences.

Arthur Findlay bequeathed his home, Stansted Hall, to be used as a College devoted to the advancement of Psychic Science, including the wider education of those wishing to further their knowledge within this broad field. This means it is not limited to the development of mediums and psychics. Arthur researched and wrote extensively on the psychic sciences and encouraged others to do the same. He was an advocate for the furthering of research and knowledge of the mind, etheric and physical bodies, along with the advancement of healing.

Let’s investigate together some of the vast and varied forms of phenomena within the psychic sciences.

This course is open to all who wish to explore the psychic sciences in a safe and encouraging environment.

Luca will provide his brain wave measuring equipment for students to have one-on-one sessions with him for an additional fee (payable at the College).

The brainwave assessment allows individuals to gain insight into their brain’s electrical activity and baseline configuration. It also offers feedback on how to enhance brain function based on specific goals, such as increasing focus, relaxation, or deepening meditation.

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