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Course 17c 2020

The Way of the Spirit

This week your team of tutors will focus on working with your sensitivity to enable you to meet the need of the spirit communicator. Quite often mediums try to demand and control what kind of information they receive from the Spirit World, rather than allowing the communicator to communicate what they need to say to identify who they are and to move their loved one. This course will place emphasis on the medium surrendering to the power of the Spirit, allowing the spirit communicator to tell their story in the way that they need to; allowing them to decide what information they want to communicate and how they want to communicate it. In this sense rather than trying to lead the way the medium enables themselves to actually follow the way of the Spirit, which leads to more natural, emotional and evidentially accurate communications from the Spirit World.

Lynn and her very experienced team will help you to unlock and make sense of the clairvoyant pictures and clairsentient feelings you receive, which will help you to deliver more accurate and practical information. However, every tutor will dedicate a lot of time to helping you work with the essence of the communicator.

If you are seeking to bring forward the emotion and presence of the communicator in your work; if you are wanting to go back to, or find, the naturalness of your mediumship; and if you are wanting a closer blend and relationship with your communicators, then this course will help you to achieve this by following the way of the Spirit.


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