Course 14b 2022

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Course 14b 2022

Spirit Art & Altered States

The course will Have Co Course Organisers Alan Stuttle – Spirit Artist, and Jan Marshall CSNU and Spirit Artist. With Tutor Anne Marie Bond DSNU and Spirit Artist. 

When we paint, write, compose or connect with creative energies we are naturally drawn into an altered state. As we deepen this connection we open to our inspired talents and the skills that arise from our natural blending and closeness with the Spirit World.

Dedication and patience are usually required to achieve an evidential likeness or high standard of communication. A focused approach and willingness to work can make a big difference to our work. Students will be guided in the art of drawing and the ability to be able to draw a portrait.

Experiencing art and mediumship in differing levels of awareness can advance the potential of the Spirit Artist. Blending through the altered states with our inspirers reveals and enhances the quality of our creativity in the passive state. Embracing the ‘Trance’ state can gently encourage a special creative adventure and sense of freedom. The result for some can become quite magical.

An opportunity for ‘Cabinet’ work will also be offered to students wishing to experience this traditional approach. We shall touch into exploring properties of ‘precipitated art’, colour and the auragraph, automatic drawing, and writing plus the use of 3D materials. Music can also bring new depths and influences to our style and experience.

Working as individuals and in pairs extends our abilities. Become familiar, confident and comfortable with the Spirit World to bring forward colourful, inspired and evidential art. “THE SPIRIT ARTIST” booklet by Alan Stuttle NDD RCA is a useful guide available from Amazon and the AFC Bookshop.

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