Course 18b 2022

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Course 18b 2022

SNU Healing Week

This is a Course for all those interested in learning about the amazing potential of Spiritual Healing.  It will cover the theory of Spiritual Healing and also explore the potential of the practice of this wonderful aspect of Mediumship.

Working together with fully qualified and experienced tutors, you will utilise tried and trusted approaches to the subject of Spiritual Healing, but also look at the future potential of Healing mediumship for the 21st Century.

There will be a focus on strengthening attunement in order to provide those in the Spirit World working with the healing energies the potential to focus on an appropriate and specific healing treatment for each patient. The course will place special focus on ‘Spiritual Healing’ treating the patient as a whole.


Please email Course Organiser, Andrej Djordjevitch DSNU, for any further information which you may require about this course. 

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