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Course 22a 2025

Mediumship: Meeting The Needs Of Today

After many requests from students, this course is now returning. It has been one of the most popular courses over the last 25 years.

***For Advanced & Professional Mediums***

This course will be a very practical week, working from 9.30 am – 9pm each day. Certain other courses will be finishing at 6pm.

Each day there will be one lecture or tutorial, 3 group sessions with your appointed tutor and in the evenings, student demonstration with an assessment from a different tutor to your group tutor.  Every student will be given this opportunity.

The course tutors will be working with you to try to fulfil the needs of your sitter in private 1-1s psychically and at the mediumistic level, meeting the needs of not only the sitter, but the spirit people too. There will be a strong emphasis on demonstrating mediumship using all the faculties, putting naturalness first, technique and structure second. Learning the right style of delivery, depending on what you have received naturally, and knowing what evidence is strong enough to throw out to the whole audience, knowing when there is a need to identify your recipient and go direct to a member of the audience and also state who the communicator is by relationship or name.

On this week, do not be frightened of a no and of being wrong: it holds your mediumship and the strength of it back and from full-filling its true potential.

Expect a no- nonsense style of teaching, honest feedback recognising your strengths and weaknesses, to help move the advanced students to becoming professional, those who are already working professionally to become more in what they are and do, to become a medium that moves you to be something beyond the general standard of 1000’s mediums that are out there in the world today. We will encourage you, but also be prepared to be challenged.

Working with me are two wonderful tutors who have worked with me for many years and are both excellent mediums & teachers – Jackie Wright & Jose Gosschalk.

Join us for a challenge – hardworking, but with Joy.

I look forward to being and working with you!

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