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Course 22 2022

Spirit of Summer

Course Suitable for all Levels Including Beginners

We are delighted that THE SPIRIT OF SUMMER is returning to the AFC in 2022!

Tony Stockwell and his guest tutors are delighted to offer an informative, uplifting and fun week celebrating the diversity of working with the spirit world and all it has to offer.

‘The Spirit of Summer’ is a course designed to bring people together with the common goal of sharing time with the spirit world, time with likeminded people and time within this fabulous venue.

Spiritual development focused solely on mediumship so often becomes the individual asking what can be done for us, without taking the time to ask what we can do for the other world and those sharing our journey.

Wouldn’t it be just wonderful at times over the duration of a course to bask in their presence, knowledge and love, without expectation or want?

Although the classes will be focused upon evidential mediumship development, we aspire to offer so much more including philosophy, healing, soul growth along with awakening and nurturing the spirit within and appreciating we are all part of the same divine family, bonded by the spirit within.

NEW to this course for 2022, we shall be highlighting ‘the healing presence of the SPIRIT WORLD’, in your evidential mediumship, healing sessions but also acknowledging how they can influence, uplift and nurture us in our day to day lives.

You will be inspired by the team of excellent tutors to explore the boundaries of your own Mediumship. We hope to make you aware that you are capable of more than you realise.

This course will include workshops, tutorial, lectures and demonstrations in class time and lots of bonding and fun once the classes have finished.

This is a course open to all levels of development including absolute beginners. You will be allocated to a class of similar ability and experience, but please note we do often endeavour on this week to design a programme where you may be assigned more than one tutor to offer diversity.

We may not be able to promise the summer sun but we can offer a warm welcome, a bright outlook and a holiday for your own Spirit.

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