Course 23b 2022

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Course 23b 2022

The Great Summer Healing Celebration

The Great Summer Healing Celebration at the Arthur Findlay College
“a continuation of this new & exciting experience”

A magnificent week of exploring the healing state – with a dedicated and experienced team of tutors, including a special visit from Helen Shardlow with her knowledge of Plant Medicine.

In celebration of healing and the summer, we bring to you a beautiful week of exploring the healing connection, through several modalities. The college and the tutors – being at their best in this field, will assist you to learn within the grounds and house itself. You can progress, learn new methods and experience the unique atmosphere perfect for the soul. You can connect with others from around the world. You can truly be the authentic healer – you are meant to be.

• Group Workshops
• Tutorials and Creativity
• Lectures
• Retreat Time
• Spirit Healing
• Trance
• Shamanic
• Firepit & Drumming
• Sound & Colour
• Soul Healing

Please note: All outdoor events are subject to weather conditions

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